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Mention "GALLANT17" and save 20% on registration for the IoT Big Data Health Care Summit, Western Canada, Vancouver, November 28 & 29, 2017, Paul Gallant, Chair. Let Paul know you're planning to attend, in advance and he'll make sure you get the best opportunities to meet others. Sponsorship opportunities also available. Inquiries? Email: IoT@GallantHealthWorks.com

The preliminary program is available through the link below. Check back for updates.
Remember to use code GALLANT17 for best rates. Please note that speakers and schedule are subject to change slightly.

Why do we do this?
In addition to providing our strategic health care contracting and consulting services, we negotiate partner discounts to conferences as value-add to all of our networks.

We believe in:
> sharing value with all our networks, promoting greater access to knowledge translation through lower registration costs.
> partnering with leading conferences to discuss and improve health/healthcare systems.


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June 2016, Paul Gallant, Chaired the inaugural, IoT Big Data in Healthcare Summit, Toronto, June 21-22, 2016.

Paul Gallant awarded Chapter Distinguished Service Award, 2014, by Canadian College of Health Leaders, BC Lower Mainland Chapter.

A GP for Me, Doctors of BC and BC Ministry of Health.
Paul Gallant promoting community engagement and stakeholder input regarding family doctors in BC. Interview with CKNW Radio, Nov. 2013. Have a listen to this 3 minute radio morning show interview on CKNW here on YouTube or

The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 16., 2013
"Owning our Health-New Directions for health are possible." Published interview with Paul Gallant here

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Keep up to date on many of the BC Lower Mainland Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) events and resources from past events HERE

Photo: CCHL BC Lower Mainland Chair Karen Baillie (L); Hon. Dr. M. MacDiarmid, BC Minister of Health; Paul Gallant, Emcee & Vice-Chair (R).


*Session Chair & Moderator, Dianne Doyle, President & CEO Providence Health Care. Leadership Reflections as I Transition to Retirement ...I Can Say Anything Now! Canadian College of Health Leaders, BC Lower Mainland Chapter, June 2017.

*Sustaining & Transforming Our Health System(s): Health Innovation for All. IHI Open School Canadian Chapter Network Conference, Workshop presenter and facilitator. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, June 10, 2017

*Conference Chair & Partner, IoT Big Data in Healthcare Summit, June 21-22, 2016. Toronto.

*The Better Workplace Conference 2016, VANCOUVER, B.C., 2016. Marketing Partner.

*Partner, Healthy Canada Series, Future Care for Seniors, May 12, 2016, Toronto

*Partner, 12th Annual Summit on MOBILE HEALTHCARE, Jan. 26-27, 2016, Toronto.

*Partner, The Canadian Alternate Level of Care Conference, Jan. 28-29, 2016, Toronto.

*Paul Gallant, Presenter. Better Healthcare Through Community & Stakeholder Engagement, 2015. The Conference Board of Canada. Live Webinar with Paul Gallant. HERE on Slideshare

*Partner, Health Summit West: Making Change That Makes a Difference. Edmonton.

*Partner, National Forum on Patient Experience, 2015, 2014 & 2013. Toronto.

*Partner, Wellness & Sustainable Health Care Forum, Toronto. Oct. 30-31, 2013. Conference Board of Canada.

*Partner, Western Summit on Sustainable Health (2013).

*Partner, Hacking Health Vancouver. Frontline clinicians including physicians, technology experts, business developers, patients and mentors solving health care problems over a weekend! Gallant HealthWorks was a proud Community Partner and Paul Gallant, Mentor. 

*The Hon. Margaret MacDiarmid (photo above centre), BC Minister of Health: A Dialogue with Health Leaders. Breakfast Session with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Vancouver, Paul Gallant: Emcee/planning committee.

*Partner, The Conference Board of Canada for the Health Summit 2014: Aging, Chronic Disease and Wellness, 2014, Toronto.

*May 2012: Making Resource Allocation Decisions: A Study of Canadian Health Care Organizations with Neale Smith. Vancouver and via web. UBC CHCM/CCHL.

*Apr. 25. Guest Moderator. Health Care Social Media Canada (#HCSMCA), Tweet Chat. Topics: 1. strategy for quality improvement using social media 2. privacy and social media the pros and cons.

*Apr. 4. Developing effective nurse leaders. CCHL/CHCM UBC, Paul Gallant Organizing Committee. Vancouver and via webinar or archive.

*Apr. 13. Lessons learned from leadership and redesign of the Canadian Forces Health Services. Lt. Colonel Rick Warren, CD, BBA, MHSc, CHE
Commanding Officer, Canadian Forces Health Services (Pacific). Paul Gallant Organizing Committee. CCHL BC Lower Mainland.

*Mar. 21. If you're not keeping score you're only practicing: Evaluating a system-wide lean implementation. CCHL/CHCM UBC, Paul Gallant Organizing Committee.

*Mar. 7, 2012. Social Media Strategy & Relationship Building for
Health System Improvements. BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Quality Forum. Paul Gallant, presenter. Slides here. Note: Preliminary social media strategy survey results begin on Slide #25. Updated final results also now available on SlideShare.

*Feb. 7, 2012. Bob Breen. Applying Lean Thinking and Principles in Building Design. CCHL/CHCM UBC. Paul Gallant organizing committee. Vancouver.

*Jan.24, 2012. UBC Dialogues. UBC Alumni, West Vancouver. Body image. Is fat all inour heads? Moderator: MargaretGallagher, CBC Journalist. Panelists: Laird Birmingham, Gwen Chapman, Paul Gallant, Rachel McHollister. Click for Podcast

*Jan. 6, 2012. Keeping Medicare Sustainable: Lessons for the next decade, Dr. Stephen Duckett, MHA, Ph.D, Past President/CEO Alberta Health Services. CCHL, Paul Gallant, co-emcee/planner.

*Nov. 30, 2011 Patient-Centred Care: Using Operations Research Methods to Improve Care for Spinal Cord Patients (Derek Atkins, Marcel Dvorak, & Vanessa Noonan Panel). (Paul Gallant, Organizing Committee CCHL).

*Oct. 27, 2011. Health Care Social Media Canada #HCSMCA Tweetchat, Paul Gallant Guest Moderator as @HealthWorksBC.

*Feb 18, 2011. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Breakfast with the CEO's. Four of BC's healthcare CEO's. Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Vancouver. Co-organizer. 

*Feb 8, 2011. Transforming Care for Canadians with Chronic Health Conditions: Put People First, Expect the Best, Manage for Results. Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, CAHS Report. Dr. Louise Nasmith and Dr. Penny Ballem. UBC CHCM & CCHL. Paul Gallant, Organizing Committee. 

*October 12, 2010. Canadian College of Health Service Executives (CCHSE), Networking and education event. Leadership in Action: Application of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework. Vancouver

*2009-2010 Monthly, via Telepresence/WebEx, North American Leadership Action Series "person-centered health."  

*Healthcare Leaders' BC Conference, Advisory Committee 2009 & 2010


Males and Eating Disorders in Canada: Dying to be Thin

Global National's 16:9. Dying to be Thin. Aired Feb 26 & 27th, 2011 plus additional later dates.

Excerpt Here on YouTube

Paul Gallant was interviewed for this TV magazine segment about his stakeholder engagement research with males who have eating disorders. This story is an excellent example of knowledge translation. It raises awareness of eating disorders in Canada and speaks to new opportunities for treatment in BC.

Carolyn Jarvis (Global National) & Paul Gallant 


2014, February Excerpt
The 'Other' 25%: Males with Eating Disorders, by Paul Gallant

Eating disorders, as many readers will know, are complex mental disorders that may have serious health consequences and negatively impact quality of life. For example, anorexia, one form of eating disorder has the highest mortality of all mental illnesses. If past statistics continue to represent the future, which we hope in the case of anorexia, they do not, as recent studies demonstrate that one in five persons with anorexia will die as a result of the disorder or its complications. Certainly this number would seem far too high to ignore.

Yet, much of our society, including health professionals fail to recognize or suspect eating disorders in females or males despite the sometimes apparent medical signs, symptoms and the impact of eating disorders upon society. The difficulty to easily “detect” eating disorders in both males and females, the delayed supports as a result of later recognition, plus the often delayed awareness of friends and families, does not exactly help support earlier awareness of the illness- whether a male or female.

Many readers may be surprised that the earliest medical descriptions of eating disorders, by Richard Morton, included a 16 year old boy with anorexia in 1689. Recent studies suggest that more than one in four cases of eating disorders occur in males, yet males are under represented in eating disorders’ treatment, eating disorders’ public information and in eating disorders’ research. Males are known to have all forms of eating disorders including: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and eating disorders not otherwise specified (EDNOS). We know that some males with eating disorders:

• Were teased and/or bullied as a child • Have low self-esteem • Were overweight as a child • Have a drive for muscularity or a drive for thinness • Have co-morbidities such as substance use and depression • Cope emotionally

Males with eating disorders may be reluctant to seek help for a variety of additional reasons compared to females with eating disorders. The reasons that men reluctantly seek treatment or help include traditionally held ideas of masculinity. Eating disorders present an additional stigma to males. Males with eating disorders may struggle with the added misconception that eating disorders are a “female only” illness.

Resources and supports that help males with eating disorders work towards recovery continue to be lacking. Often those resources that do exist are sometimes located in facilities typically identified with women or with children though indicate they are “open” to serving men as well.

In my view, we need to increasingly focus on health promotion and self-esteem. By building upon community based approaches services that include an increased awareness and early detection of eating disorders in males and females. This includes providing adequate early education in primary schools and support to family doctors and nurse practitioners to help people who have eating disorders. Evidence supports other services in the community including comprehensive approaches to obesity that do not polarize one disorder or illness against another, wellness approaches to whole self, support groups, peer-support, counseling, family therapy, and in certain instances specialist services.

Love our bodies, love ourselves is a movement launched by the B.C. Provincial Eating Disorders Awareness Campaign (PEDAW). The blog contribution above, by Paul Gallant was first published online

*Canada Health & Healthcare Consultants, Linkedin Group Founder 2500+ screened members (requires minimum of four years health care experience to join)

Other featured links:

Person-centred health Leadership Action Series monthly telepresence. Paulette Lacroix & Paul Gallant dialogue with other colleagues across North America (on monitors) to effect person-centred change to our health system. Paul was a contributor 2009-2010.

Past: A Sample of Recently Attended Events Include Those Below 

Mar 18, 2011. Succession Planning During Large Scale Organizational Change? YES, it's possible. Lessons learned from the NHS with Karen Lynas, Director-Top Leaders, NHS (UK). Vancouver.

Dec 10, Journey to the Routine Measurement of Patient Reported Outcomes, Dr. Andrew Vallance-Owen (Bupa) presented by the Centre for Healthcare Management & C2E2, Vancouver

*Nov 25 Moderator, Healthcare Social Media Canada Tweetchat  twitter.com/hcsmca   #hcsmca

Nov 5 Every Patient Experience Should Be Safe. Canadian Patient Safety Institute's (CPSI) Strategic Plan with CEO Hugh MacLeod. CHCM, Vancouver

October 13-14 HealthCare Leaders' Association of BC, Annual Conference, Vancouver

Oct 4. BC Health Information Technology: Achieving the 2020 Vision including White Paper by Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Chair of the Ivey Centre for Health Innovation and Leadership "Leveraging Information Technology To Transform and Sustain BC's Health Care Sector."

Sept 29, 2010 Inaugural Healthcare & Social Media Canada Tweetchat #hcsmca 

Aug. 17. Vancouver Board of Trade with The Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of International Trade, Government of Canada

June 9. North American Leadership Action Series Person Centered health, via Telepresence/WebEx. 

Apr. 23, 2010. Collaboration- How the City of Vancouver Meets the Health Objectives of its Most Vulnerable. Mayor Gregor Robertson. Vancouver. CCHSE/HCLABC.

Mar. 24-25, Healthcare Enterprise Risk Management Conference: Bringing ERM to Life, Toronto

Monthly, via Telepresence/WebEx, Leadership Action Series "person-centered health" via Telepresence/WebEx, leadership action series.

Jan 21st, Co-lead. UBC Centre for Healthcare Management, Reorienting Health Care Systems into Genuine Systems for Health. The Honorable Dr. Carolyn Bennett (Ontario)

Cambridge University, UK. Judge Business School, Health Services Organization & Management Series, From Heirarchy to Networks        

Action Towards Health Reducing Health Inequities PHABC Conference.  Vancouver. Presenter