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“Paul participated in a 360 evaluation with input from staff, peers, and Vice President. He consistently scored high in each of the five areas of leadership competency: Challenging the Process, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Enabling Others to Act, Modeling the Way, and Encouraging the Heart. Paul’s strengths include professional involvement, high caliber publications and presentations locally and nationally, communication with team members and the creation of a supportive learning environment.” Dianne Doyle, CEO, Providence Health Care, Vancouver & "One of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women"          
“I have known Paul for over five years...Paul is a leader in providing ongoing strategic advice to our team. He is visionary and takes initiative to find opportunities to expand our profile in the industry by leveraging his connections. He networks well with all levels of healthcare and political leaders. He is creative and thinks out of the box...Paul approaches all tasks with a quality improvement process. He holds himself and others accountable for their commitments. Paul's expertise in communication media makes him an invaluable resource to our team.
Karen Baillie, Past-chair, Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), BC Lower Mainland. CEO Menno Place

“Paul and Gallant Healthworks have partnered with us for a number of our Healthcare and Wellness conferences. With his knowledge of the  healthcare community, Paul is a fantastic resource for finding the right people to attend our events. Throughout the process, Paul is easily accessible and always happy to answer any questions I have or accommodate my requests. I enjoy working with him and will do so going forward.”
Joel Elliott, Conference Marketer, The Conference Board of Canada

“I have known Paul for several years in a number of capacities including his work/reputation in person-centred health, prospective projects and most recently with Advantage International. Paul has demonstrated the highest values in his work, commitment to quality, delivering effective outcomes, health care through his extensive support to Person Centred Health, and working with a team through change. Paul has the ability to quickly reach and understand the senior healthcare leaders' viewpoint in various provinces. He has shown great insight into Canadian healthcare sector and his values and approach are based on building and maintaining successful relationships in business and on a more personal level to achieve long-term success. He is also fun to work with.” Wayne Mills, President, Challenging Leaders Limited, Toronto

“At Sanotron - Canada's 1st digital health accelerator - we believe in grass roots, bottom-up (not top down) innovation. As the lead organizer of Hacking Health Vancouver I have reached out to Paul to maximize our reach to the BC physician community and key stakeholders. Gallant HealthWorks was an outstanding Community Partner to a very successful event. In addition to Paul reaching out to his extensive network he generously offered his time and expertise as a mentor during the 48-hour hackathon. I was very pleased with his engagement and activity..."

Michael Mircea Bidu, Founder & CEO, SANOTRON - Canada's Centre for Wireless & Digital Health Innovation (Business Partner)

“Paul [Gallant, Principal] is an outstanding collaborator and leader. He demonstrated these skills with patients, teams, staff, students, and volunteers in his role as TREA director. Paul's people skills and professional knowledge are assets that make him a pleasure to work with, as well as an excellent practitioner in his field.”
Anneke Rees, CEO, Habitat for Humanity, Greater Vancouver, 2009                                                

"Someone somewhere in Canada Healthcare had to take the initiative to inform, interact, and bridge diverse group of healthcare professionals to bring them to one platform and make it more meaningful and that person happens to be Paul. Thank you Sir."

(speaking of Paul Gallant Founding/Managing, Canada Health & Health Care Consultants with >1900 members)

"During our early discussions Paul has proved to be constructive, helpful and very honest.....we look forward to moving ahead in the true spirit of collaboration at a time when our economies and our clients rightly demand value for money. Paul is a strong communicator and someone who networks extensively to promote his own business and the topic he feels so passionate about."
Graham Cook, Owner & Training Director, Inspire People Group, UK.

"I have known Paul for more than 10 years and have always been impressed by his knowledge and expertise in healthcare systems and healthcare leadership. Recently I worked with him on a healthcare consulting project where he showed his extensive knowledge, and ability to articulate healthcare issues and opportunities for improvement in numerous areas throughout Canada as well as the passion that he has for his field. Paul has shown himself to be highly competent at forming networks of expertise, collaborating with key stakeholders, and moving projects forward.”
        Simon Biancardi, General Counsel, Day4 Energy.

"Paul was deeply committed to balancing the need to produce results and ensuring staff were engaged and committed to those results. He was also a great listener, open to advice and suggestions from others. He was, and is, committed to the application of research and best practice in daily operations. I always enjoyed working with him.
Helen Roberts, 
Change Leader, Providence Health Care.

Paul is one of those rare individuals with a truly wide range of solid strengths. He is an outstanding team leader, able to inspire and recognize colleagues he works with and student practitioners he has supervised. His balanced perspective, sound judgment and wonderful sense of humor and ease make him an absolute pleasure to work with in any capacity.”         Lee Chamberland, Faculty-TR & Health Promotion, Douglas College.     

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