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A selection of 10+ presentations and papers are available for view here on Slideshare. You can view in full screen mode once on the Slideshare you want to view. Click the TV like screen (bottom right of each presentation) to enlarge the presentation or paper for best resolution. Most are downloadable.

Presentations & Published Interviews

2016 Forthcoming: Big Data & Patient Engagement (working title). National Big Data in Health Care Conference, June, 2016, Toronto.

2016 Forthcoming: Changing the dynamic between patients and providers: engaging patients. Alberta Medical Association, Choosing Wisely Alberta. Feb. 29., 2016, Calgary.

2015, Sept. 22. Chaired, Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL)/KPMG Education Session, Vancouver. Rethinking value in healthcare: lessons from around the Globe & Creating sustainable healthcare systems with:
·   Mark Britnell, Chairman/Partner, Global Health, KPMG, UK
·   Dr. Kevin Smith, Ontario
·   Dr. Anna van Poucke, Netherlands
·   Howard Waldner, BC
·   Janet M. Davidson, Alberta & BC

Chaired additional CCHL presentations with:
·   Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, 2015
·   Deputy Minister of Health, Stephen Brown, 2014
·   Emcee, BC Minister of Health Dialogue with Health Leader's, 2013
·   Breakfast with the CEO's, 2011: Nigel Murray, Howard Waldner, Dianne
    Doyle, Cathy Ulrich, Brian Schmidt)

2015. Improving the Patient’s Experience with Mental Health Services Through Collaborative Stakeholder Approaches. National Forum on Patient Experience, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2015, Toronto. Presenter: Paul W. Gallant Slideshow here

2015. Better Healthcare Through Community & Stakeholder Engagement. Live webinar. The Conference Board of Canada, April 30, 2015. Presenter: Paul W. Gallant. Access slideshow here at no cost or access the complete webinar via the CBOC website, fees apply. Feedback: An enjoyable presentation, well-delivered with excellent insight into community and stakeholder engagement strategies. Terry Dyni - July 23, 2015.

2014. Plenary Session: Sustainability—the Holy Grail: What are the Obstacles, and How Can We Overcome Them?Western Health Summit, Conference Board of Canada, Edmonton. Moderator: Paul W. Gallant
Panelists: Dr. Herbert Emery, Professor and Program Director, Health Policy, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary; Jon Fairest, President & CEO, Sanofi Canada; Ida J. Goodreau, Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia; Dr. Jennifer Zelmer, Executive Vice-President, Canada Health Infoway

2014. Effective Prevention Options. Western Health Summit, Conference Board of Canada, Edmonton. Moderator: Paul W. Gallant
Dr. Debbie Samsom, President, Back in Motion Rehab Inc.
Dr. Paul J. Veugelers, Professor, University of Alberta
Cynthia L. Watson, Director, Canadian Academy for Healthier Generations

Feb. 2013. Stakeholder's Voice: Opportunities and Obstacles [reviewing lessons learned from recent project work]. Storyboard presented at BC Patient Safety and Quality Conference, Quality Forum 2013 (Hashtag #QF13). See it on Slideshare here

Feb. 2013. Shame in Silence: Eating Disorders Awareness Week. CBC Community Online/Live Webcast. Paul Gallant, Panel member. Archived video here.

Gallant, Paul (2012). Social Media Strategy & Relationship Building for
Health System Improvements. BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, Quality Forum.Slides here. (Hashtags incl:#SocialMediaCamp #s4pm #cqi #hcsmca #bchc #cdnhealth). Survey results begin on Slide #25.

Jan. 24, 2012. UBC Dialogues. UBC Alumni, West Vancouver. Body image. Is fat all in our heads? Moderator: Margaret Gallagher, CBC Journalist. Panelists: Laird Birmingham, Gwen Chapman, Paul Gallant, Rachel McHollister. Podcast available.                                                                                                              
Jarvis, C. (2011). Broadcasted interview with Paul Gallant. Global National TV, 16x9 The Bigger Picture. Dying to be thin. More Canadian men dying to be thin. Episode 218 aired Feb. 26, 27, Mar 2011. http://www.globalnews.ca/programs/16x9/story.html?id=4347090 (link may change search Global 16x9 previous shows if link does not work). Brief excerpt available on YouTube.

Johnson, Gail (2010). Published Interview with Paul Gallant and others. Misconceptions abound regarding eating disorders in men (online edition June 15) & in print edition as "Eating disorders leave males facing stigma," The Georgia Straight [NewsPaper] June 17, p. 57.

Lescan, A. (2010, March 18) Published interview with Paul Gallant and others. Eating disorders on rise among elementary kids: Five years old want to change their bodies. Online version. The Richmond News, Richmond, BC

Gallant, P.W., Birmingham, C.L., Crocker, P.R.E. (2009). Improving engagement of stigmatized stakeholders: access to healthcare experiences of BC males with eating disorders. Oral presentation.  “Action Towards Reducing Health Inequities.” Public Health Association of British Columbia Conference. www.slideshare.net/paulwgallant

Gallant, P. W. (2008). The Canada Health Act and BC Conversation on Health. Lecture. The University of British Columbia. School of Human Kinetics.

Gallant, P.W. (2008, June). Eating disorders in men and boys. BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, BC Children’s Hospital Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program. Invited presentation.

Clarke, Vanessa (2007, Summer). Manorexia. Trek-Alumni Magazine of the University of British Columbia. Published Interview with Paul Gallant. 62(2), 22-24.

Trek Manorexia

Gallant, P.W. (2007, February). Awareness and support for males with eating disorders. Richmond Eating Disorders Public Forum. Invited speaker. Richmond City Hall, British Columbia.

Van den Hemel, Martin (2007). Published Interview with Paul Gallant. Eating disorders affect men too. The Richmond Review (Newspaper), Feb. 3, p.3.

Ryan, Denise (2007). Published Interview with Paul Gallant. The pain of manorexia. The Vancouver Sun (Newspaper). March 15, B2-B3 and National Post Toronto online, March 23.

Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). January, 2007. Invited speaker. On the Coast, CBC Radio. Men and eating disorders.

British Columbia Provincial Eating Disorders Videoconference, October 2006. Update on Males with Eating Disorders. Provincial Health Services Authority and Providence Health Care.

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association (CTRA) National Conference (2005), Finding Work-life Balance, Vancouver. Slides at: www.slideshare.net/paulwgallant

Providence Health Care, 2002. Taking Care of Yourself Before Taking Care of Business (2004). A work-life balance interactive presentation for Mental Health staff.

Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association, Conference, 2003. Revisiting Tools for Surviving in a Turbulent Health Care Environment.

Providence Health Care, Letting Your Spirit Soar Series, Presented Leisure and Life Satisfaction, Staff Wellness Presentation.

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association Conference, Calgary, May 2002. Co-presented. The Leisure Studio & Beyond: Evolving Practices for Staff and Patients (Wellness Promotion).

International Therapeutic Recreation Symposium, 2001, Florida. Tools for Leading the Way in a Turbulent Health Care Environment.

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association Conference, Halifax, 2000. Being Human: Tools to Survive in a Turbulent Health Care Environment.

CTRA Conference, Montreal (1999). Diversity in Health Care.

T.R. Ontario, Toronto (1996). Addressing and Assessing Diversity in Health.

 Published Articles

Rowlands, Gallant, Dickson & Kendall (2010). What are the key principles that maximize potential for successful transformational change in healthcare? Healthcare Leaders' Association of British Columbia Newsletter, p.7.


Gallant, P.W. (2009). Body Image and Eating Disorders in Males. The Butterflyer. Eating Disorder Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, July 7: 2, 1-3. http://www.slideshare.net/paulwgallant/butterflyerjuly7publication1

Gallant, P.W. (2009). Warm Welcome in Newfoundland Report from the National HealthCare Leadership Conference. HCLABC Newsletter. 17(1), 9.

Gallant, P.W. (2008). Males body image and eating disorders: a rising concern. Bulletin. National Eating Disorders Information Centre. Vol. 23(5). Toronto. Available at: www.slideshare.net/paulwgallant

Gallant, P.W. (1998). Establishing pet visitation programs. In G. Hitzhusen, L.Thomas, C. Bachmann (Ed.), Global Therapeutic Recreation V: Selected papers from the 5th International Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation, 185-188. University of Missouri.

Gallant. P. (1997). Animal interaction complements health care. Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals BC Rehab Review,18(1), 20-21.

Gallant, P.W. (1996). Therapeutic recreation outreach. British Columbia Therapeutic Recreation Association, Vision & Views, 7(5), 1&3.

Macdonald, M., & Gallant P. (1994). Leisure education- a B.C. perspective. In G. Hitzhusen, L.Thomas, & N. Frank (Ed.), Global Therapeutic Recreation III: Selected papers from the 3rd International Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation, 43-47. University of Missouri.

 Published Abstracts & Conference Proceedings

Gallant, P.W., Crocker, P.R.E., Birmingham, C.L. & Smye, V. (2009). Improving Health Care Access and Understanding of Stigmatized Stakeholders Through Community Engagement. Males with Eating Disorders. National Healthcare Leaders, St. John's, NL www.healthcareleadershipconference.ca/default1.asp
Gallant, P.W. & Birmingham, C.L. (2008, September). Males are different: treatment engagement for a community sample of males with eating disorders that examines health promotion, self-help, and support using collaborative qualitative research. Presented at the Eating Disorders Research Society (EDRS) Annual Meeting, Montreal.

Gallant, P.W., Birmingham, C.L., Crocker, P.R.E. , Harbottle, E.J. (2007). Men with eating disorders: treatment enhancement and coping strategies. Poster presented at EDRS, Pittsburgh.

Gallant, P. W. (2007). Men with eating disorders. Oral presentation at the Canadian Conference on Men’s Health. Victoria, British Columbia.

Gallant, P.W., Birmingham, C.L., Gritzner, S., and Crocker, P.R.E. (2006). Understanding treatment reluctance and coping strategies in males with eating disorders. Presented at the EDRS Annual Meeting in Cairns, Australia.

Gallant, P.W., Birmingham, C.L. (2006). A description of quality of life concerns in males presenting for specialized eating disorders treatment. Eating Disorders Research Society Annual Meeting in Cairns, Australia.

Brown, K., Gallant, P., Geller, J., Dunn, E., & Srikameswaran, S. (2005). A comparison of males and females presenting for specialized eating disorders treatment. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the EDRS, Toronto.


Article Referee (2014, 2012, 2011 & 2009). Healthcare Management Forum. Canadian College of Health Leaders.

Article Referee (2012). International Journal of Men's Health.

Book Reviewer for: Payne & Hagge, 2012. LEADS in a Caring Environmnemt TRI-NAMICS. Leadership Wisdom for the Health System. Custom Edition for Health Professionals. Forward by Dr. Graham Dickson.
Article Referee (2010 & 2008). The Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology JSEP

Book Review: Friedman, S. (2007). Just for boys: a program to help boys develop resilience and skills to deal with the stressors and health risks of adolescence. Vancouver, Salal Books.

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